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Gangr DTF gang sheet builder Your printing partner!

Gangr is an excellent DTF printing solution with its AI-based optimization. Allow clients to take control of editing their gang sheets before they place an order!

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate this gang sheet formatting tool with all eCommerce platforms. More integrations coming soon​!
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Easy to Learn and Extremely Powerful!

In just a few clicks, artwork is ganged and ready to print with Gangr, our gang sheet editing tool.

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Powerful Designer

Enable customers to create and change artwork themselves with Gangr’s user-friendly gang sheet builder, giving them control and saving your time.

Assets Managed at the User-Level

Provide images, logos, vectors, and more,and easily manage these assets into folders and access them from the online editor.

Autofill Gang Sheet

The ‘Fill’ feature allows you to instantly fill the entire gang sheet with the chosen image in a single click. No more duplicating images.

Say Goodbye to Manual Adjustment

Gangr eliminates the need to manually position artwork. It has an AI-driven ‘Nesting’ feature that automatically arranges artwork for optimal space saving, saving your time and resources.

DPI Check for High-quality Prints!

When adding low-quality DPI artwork the artwork in question will be flagged, ensuring that only high-quality prints are approved and involving customers in the quality-check process.

Access our Expert DTF Community!

As a Gangr customer you will become part of our Expert DTF community. This community is filled with helpful tips, advice and training to not only improve your DTF printing but also your sales and customer service.

Affordable Pricing

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*FreePer month
100 Sheets
Gang Sheet Designer
Email Support
Background Remover
Auto Sheet Generation
White Labelled
Image and Asset Library
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*For 3 months, after that it will be $49 per month


$129Per month
500 Sheets per month
20 Background Removals / Month
Gang Sheet Designer
Priority Email Support
Auto Sheet Generation
White Labelled
Image and Asset Library


$269Per month
1500 Sheets per month
50 Background Removal / Month
Gang Sheet Designer
Online Support
Auto Sheet Generation
White Labelled
Image and Asset Library

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