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Our Story

As active members of the DTF printing community, we encountered various challenges within the printing process. Frequently, customer orders required adjustments. The manual editing and adjustment of images on gang sheets posed a consistent risk of sheet wastage. Regrettably, clients lacked control over the editing process of their designs. These issues highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive DTF printing solution.

In response to these shared challenges, we collaborated with fellow DTF print shop owners to come up with a solution. Our collective aim was to devise a remedy that would eliminate endless miscommunication and minimize the wastage of materials.

As a result of this unified effort within the DTF community, ‘Gangr’ was born. Equipped with AI-driven gang sheet optimization and a customer-controlled editing interface, Gangr offers an all-encompassing answer to these issues.

Gangr empowers customers to modify their designs using AI-driven technology before finalizing their orders. This innovation empowers us—the proprietors of DTF print shops—to concentrate exclusively on the printing process.

Furthermore, leveraging our extensive knowledge of DTF printing and the tightly-knit DTF community, we are committed to providing mentoring and training to all our users. You too can become a part of this dynamic DTF community by joining the Gangr family. Feel free to connect with us and be part of this exciting journey.

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