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Simplify the DTF Gang Sheet workflow with Customers preview, adjust, and upload designs before adding to the cart. Our AI-based builder optimizes sheets, saving time, and money, and ensuring quality. See how features work in Gangr’s step-by-step guide.

AI-Based DTF Gang sheet optimization​ icon

AI-Based Gang sheet optimization

Say goodbye to manual adjustment of images on Gang sheet. Through Gangr’s ‘nesting’ option, automatically adjust images on the Gang sheet with only a single click. Save time and make your gang sheet ready for print.

Autofill Sheets

You can now fill your sheets with your desired image by clicking on the ‘fill’ option. Within a few seconds, your sheet will be automatically filled. This will also save you from any sheet wastage. 

Autofill Sheets​ icon
Edit artwork​ icon

Edit artwork

With the editing panel, you can also set any image’s custom size, and make use of crop, copy, paste, duplicate, flip, rotate, alignment, offset settings, and background remover options.

DPI Setting

Always have high-quality images printed with our DPI quality checker. Customers will be notified if the graphic has low DPI to make sure they get high-quality prints only.

DPI Setting​ icon
Crediting system icon ​

Crediting system

Buy sheets in bulk once and use them whenever you want. You can keep a check of your gang sheets in your account and later can use them for more orders. This saves you from ordering sheets again and again for your every new order.

Canvas Setting

You can set canvas sizes and their pricing on the admin panel. Customers choose canvas from the sizes you provide and purchase accordingly. 

Canvas Setting
two way chat gangr features

Two-way Chat

Built-in chat and notification system allows both you and your customers to be notified whenever any activity takes place. Using the messaging section, you can maintain direct communication with your customers for inquiries, clarifications, and updates.


If you want to reorder your artwork, you can do so by using the same canvas template. Make changes to your draft and reorder it whenever you want by clicking ‘reordering’ from your order history. 

reordering gangr feature
Free staff account gangr feature

Free Staff Account

Admin panel comes with a free staff account which you can use to place orders for your own shop without any cost. Set free staff account details from the admin panel and log in to the editing panel using those details. 

Edit Order

When an order is declined with a specified reason provided, a notification is promptly sent to the customer’s front panel, accompanied by an email. Customers can edit their orders using the ‘Edit Order’ feature, eliminating the need to start a new order.

bulk download gangr feature

Bulk Download

As a DTF print shop owner, you have the option to efficiently bulk download order sheets submitted by your customers. This time-saving feature streamlines order management, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Order Status

Orders have various statuses such as pending, approved, declined, printed, ready for printing, refunded, and in the print queue. You can change the status as orders progress, and customers are notified via email.

order status gangr feature

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